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Image by Kushagra Kevat

In partnership with the team at RiverHouse Creative, a health and safety communication consultancy, Safety Matters can help you reach your colleagues, contractors, and visitors with materials that improve the health and safety in your facility. We have experience with small organizations and fortune 500 companies. Let us know your communication challenge and we create the right materials together! 

This includes but isn't limited to:

  • Videos

  • Print pieces

  • Digital messages (email, internal social media, etc)

  • Slide decks

  • Signage

To learn more about our capabilities and see samples click on the logo below.

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Life saving techniques to increase survival rates

First Aid

Geared towards safety and prevention of injury

Bloodborne Pathogens

Identifies those at risk and discusses an exposure control plan

Healthcare Provider Training


professionals with the tools they need to respond 

Worksite Drills

Get your team to respond to an emergency 100% of the time

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