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Basic Life Support (BLS) for Healthcare


This American Heart Association course provides healthcare professionals with the tools they need to respond in either an in-hospital or pre-hospital setting. During this hands-on 5 hour course, your team will learn to recognize and react in life-threatening emergencies. This is a 2-year certification course available to both new students and re-certifications.

Your team accomplishes this through:

  • Reviewing the latest guidelines and new science from the American Heart Association, ECC and ILCOR

  • Recognize and treating several life-threatening emergencies in adults, children, and infants

  • Giving high-quality chest compressions and delivering appropriate ventilations with a pocket mask and bag-mask

  • Mastering use of an AED and understanding proper maintenance of your equipment

  • Defining specific roles to ensure effective communication and positive team dynamics

  • Treating conscious and unconscious choking 

Contact us for details regarding BLS Healthcare Provider Training at your organization.


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