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Bloodborne Pathogen’s annual training is designed to meet your exposure control plan’s requirements per the OSHA 1910.1030 standard. While most of our courses teach individuals how to help others in an emergency, this 1-hour course is about the safety of your employees.  It can be taught in conjunction with any of our other programs to ensure your team knows how to keep themselves safe from a bloodborne exposure.

Your team accomplishes this through:

  • Defining bloodborne pathogens including HIV and Hepatitis B and C

  • Discussing routes of exposure and your company’s exposure control plan

  • Identifying those at risk

  • Engineering and workplace controls such as sharps containers and hand-washing procedures.

  • Practicing safety with personal protective equipment, use of proper clean-up materials, and biohazard labeling and federal disposal requirements

  • Reviewing the requirements for reporting, documentation, and medical follow-up

  • Reviewing the safety and importance of the Hepatitis B vaccine program

Contact us for details regarding Bloodborne Pathogens training at your organization.


Life saving techniques to increase survival rates

First Aid

Geared towards safety and prevention of injury

Bloodborne Pathogens

Identifies those at risk and discusses an exposure control plan

Healthcare Provider Training


professionals with the tools they need to respond 

Worksite Drills

Get your team to respond to an emergency 100% of the time

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