Why Safety Matters

work accident

We not only meet the national guidelines for first aid training in occupational settings including CPR, AED and first aid, but Safety Matters is ahead of the curve on trends in training and changes in standards.

Our training creates an attitude that CPR and AED usage is not hard to do. We prepare your team for the real experience, by teaching them to be both a leader and a functional team member.

Safety Matters stands apart from other training centers because we:

  • Meet and exceed OSHA and MSHA Guidelines
  • Instill confidence through practice and positive feedback
  • Know the industry and train your team to their specific risks and workplace hazards unlike many community classes
  • Incorporate safety as an integral part of our training
  • Provide onsite programs certified by the American Heart Association and the Emergency Care and Safety Institute
  • Notify you of renewal dates for your first responders
  • Share with you important information about new standards
  • Provide text books in English and Spanish for multilingual environments
  • Offer result based drills at a low cost, to ensure your team knows their skills
  •  Provide classes that are fun and interactive