Worksite Drills

Class on CPR and First Aid

Since 2005, the American Heart Association has recommended companies practice skills with emergency workplace drills. We can help current customers organize practice drills to ensure better recall of skills, improve emergency response time, and gain a better understanding of your organization’s safety procedures. Our goal is to get your team to respond to an emergency 100% of the time that they are needed in a real life emergency. Worksite Drills improve retention of skills learned and patient outcomes.

Your team accomplishes this through:

  • Creating custom scenarios from your identified hazards
  • Providing leadership opportunities when responding to an emergency
  • Using the Laerdal Recording Annie manikin to get a computer read out for both CPR and AED skills of each responder
  • Practicing and timing emergency response safely in your work environment
  • Gaining confidence in using the knowledge learned in the training

o   Our Laerdal Recording Annie manikin is available for rental for current customers separately from Safety Matters run worksite drills

Please contact us for details regarding Worksite Drills at your organization.