CPR/AED Training


Automated External Defibrillators or “AEDs” are becoming increasingly available in both organizations and public areas.  The use of this device greatly increases survival rates.  This 2 year certification covers all of the life saving techniques taught in the basic CPR as well as layering on the skills needed to operate an AED in 3 hours.

Your team accomplishes this through:

  • Learning to perform basic adult CPR
  • Discussing the safety skills needed to use an AED specific to your organization’s work environment
  • Covering legal issues and The Good Samaritan Law as well as the importance of medical oversight
  • Reviewing the functions and maintenance of an AED and how to operate one safely
  • Running scenarios using the AED and CPR that are appropriate to workplace hazards and high risk health problems
  • All participants practice on an AED trainer with a 2:1 ratio

Please contact us for details regarding AED training at your organization.